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Getting help for you or a loved one starts with a simple phone call. Call or e-mail one of our seven locations to ask questions and determine eligibility.

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There are many drug and alcohol treatment options and locations available through New Beginnings Minnesota.  Our staff will gather information on your needs and help you navigate the process – including assessments, referrals and obtaining approval from insurance or public funding.

We can often assist clients with entering substance abuse treatment from a hospital or detox facility. Contact us today to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions at New Beginnings Minnesota  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of treatment do I need?

There are many types of treatment options available, from outpatient and day programs to residential care. The best way to see what you need is to have a chemical use assessment done by a professional. They can assist you in making the right choice and provide you with referrals.

2. Can you make someone get treatment if they don’t want it?

We don’t keep clients against their will. The only way to require someone to get treatment is through a legal process called a commitment. However, if you know someone who needs help, but is resisting, feel free to contact our admissions staff about other options such as an intervention. We provide education and referrals on the intervention process, and can work with families and professionals to help clients see the benefits of treatment.

3. What is the success rate for treatment?

“If you follow the program and recommendations 100%, you will be 100% successful.” – Nina Johnson, former New Beginnings Minnesota Treatment Director

Success can be defined many different ways, but the reality is that drug treatment outcomes depend mostly on the clients themselves. Treatment provides safety and stability, teaches relapse prevention skills and builds sober networks. But using the tools provided is always an individual choice. By helping people build the skills and motivation to recover, we can give them every hope for a new beginning.

4. How much does treatment cost?

The cost of getting treatment varies greatly depending on the type of care that is needed. Health insurance often includes coverage for chemical dependency treatment, which can help reduce costs. Minnesota residents may also apply for financial help through their local county, commonly called Rule 25 assistance. This must be done before entering treatment, as the county will help you determine your eligibility, and then will help place you in an appropriate program.

5. Can my family visit and be involved?

Family and loved ones are an important part of the treatment process for patients, and their involvement is encouraged at New Beginnings Minnesota. We offer education and therapy at all levels of care.  Click here to find a site near you and call for details.

6. How do I get into Outpatient Treatment?

New Beginnings Minnesota has seven outpatient locations. Click here to find a site near you and call for more information.

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