Addiction Recovery – Outpatient Treatment

Our outpatient recovery centers provide quality treatment, lifetime recovery and personal care to help individuals get the support they need while remaining in the community. Clients are able to maintain family, work and personal commitments while attending treatment and pursuing their personal recovery goals.

Many of our outpatient clients are stepping down from a more intensive level of care, while others are starting in an outpatient program. We serve clients who are new to the treatment experience, as well as those who have been to treatment before.

New Beginnings Minnesota has six adult outpatient addiction treatment centers: Minnetonka, Worthington, St. Peter, Elk River, Olivia and Litchfield. Each center provides successful alcohol or drug addiction solutions for women and men of all levels of age, career status, professional achievements, employment, education background and academic standing.

New Beginnings Minnesota Residential and Outpatient programs are “in-network” and covered by all major Minnesota insurance providers. Find out more.

Outpatient programs offer more flexibility and allow clients to maintain family, work and personal commitments without having to explain a prolonged absence. However, placement for treatment services is based on a clinical assessment by a qualified professional.

Our programs provide a vital support network. Peer support groups and individual and family counseling ensure that clients are never alone during their successful treatment journey.

New Beginnings Minnesota outpatient alcohol and drug recovery programs share many elements of residential recovery treatment, but require a greater amount of personal diligence in abstaining from drug or alcohol use.

Our team of outpatient clinical professionals has the experience and background to provide addiction solutions that are based upon a proven formula for successful addiction recovery. We offer convenient evening programs, with affordable recovery options for drinking and drug abuse problems affecting your life and the lives of your loved ones.

The program is group-based, but focused on the needs and progress of the individual. Our programming is structured around a variety of evidenced based practices and effective treatment principles, such as those of the 12-Step program, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing.

Placement for treatment services is based on a clinical assessment by a qualified professional. Length of time in treatment depends on a variety of circumstances that are unique to the individual, although clients may remain in our programs for 24 weeks or more. Once in our program, our clinical professionals will perform on-going assessments and provide referrals for additional service as needed.

Our outpatient recovery programs equip clients to handle daily challenges with new perspective, awareness of inner strength, effective communication tools and problem solving skills. Clients learn to trust themselves, as well as how to tap into valuable support systems around them when needed. Our clinical professionals work directly with professional health service boards, monitoring agencies and employers to get patients back to work and back to life as successfully and quickly as possible.

Our outpatient centers also provide peer-to-peer contact with others in recovery through the New Beginnings Minnesota Alumni Association emphasizing a long-term commitment to successful recovery via fellowship, friendship and personal care.

New Beginnings Minnesota Outpatient Treatment Locations

New Beginnings Minnesota is not able to provide lodging during outpatient treatment in most circumstances. If this is a concern for you, please call us at 1-800-487-8758. If we are unable to help directly, we might be familiar with other options you have not yet considered.

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